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          20 years of company history

          More than 1,000 environmental protection projects

          More than 30 invention patents


          With benevolence and justice, create the future together, outstanding product supplier, professional technical service provider

          shanghai resun environmental technology co., ltd. was founded in 2001, starting from blast aeration and sludge dehydration products, and developing and focusing on the three core areas of "sludge treatment and disposal, efficient fans and aeration, and upgrading and upgrading". after 20 years of development, it has grown into an environmentally friendly technology enterprise with "technological innovation, solid system integration capabilities, and coordinated development of production and r&d". the company has more than 10 outstanding invention patents such as fully automatic ultra-high pressure plate and frame dehydrator, electrodialysis plate and frame dehydrator, mvc sludge drying technology, paddle plate aeration, and sludge rotary incinerator technology, etc., and has won the country and shanghai supported by the “technology innovation fund project for small and medium-sized technology-based small and medium-sized enterprises” and won the title of “high-tech enterprise”. after more than 10 years of experience, renchuang environment has entered a sustainable development path from growth to development. in terms of infrastructure investment, the company has a complete logistics manufacturing center and production research and development base. in 2016, it established a design research institute for talent introduction and technological innovation. on the sales network, the company has branches in beijing, shanghai, guangzhou, xi’an, tianjin, shenyang, etc., with more than ten offices, and established 8 sales teams and 6 after-sales locations, forming a relatively complete service network. layout. in the past 20 years, the company has taken root in three core business areas unwaveringly, which is the best interpretation of the "craftsman spirit". a good brand power has been formed in the industry, and the image of excellence and enterprising science and engineering has penetrated into the hearts of many customers such as beijing enterprises water, beijing capital, beipai group, botian environment, petrochina, cnooc and other customers.

          we are adhering to the entrepreneurial tenet of "benevolence and kindness, innovation and supreme".

          we adhere to the creed of "knowledge and action are one, stop at perfection".



          It's amazing to perfect others, achieve yourself, and keep integrity!


          Look at the world and become a leader in the core technology and equipment of the environmental protection industry. Customers praise, employees are proud!


          Promote the energy-saving, efficient and intelligent upgrade of China's environmental protection equipment and technology!

          our honor and qualification

          National High-Tech Enterprise

          Municipal Public Works General Contracting Level 3 Construction Mechanical and Electrical Installation Engineering Professional Contracting Level 3 Environmental Protection Engineering Professional Contracting Level 3

          Innovation Fund Support Project

          Patent Pilot Enterprise

          Changfeng International Group Credit Evaluation

          Shanghai "Specialized, Specialized, New" SMEs

          ISO9001, ISO14000, CHSAS18000 international certification

          "Resun people", go hand in hand, our big family has you and me

          Copyright (c) 2015 -2016 Shanghai Resun Environmental Technology Co., Ltd. |

          Shanghai ICP No. 19033477

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