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          All our services are free to expand, you only need to choose the products, technologies and services you need for your project. Our sales and technical experts can be by your side at any time to provide you with personalized product design and application support, whether it is process design or technical consultation; whether it is a single device or system integration, we will be by your side and work with you Develop the best solution that meets your project needs. As your trusted partner, we will always be with you, from the initial process design to the installation and construction, from the equipment debugging to the later after-sales service, not only can save you valuable time and cost, but also can significantly reduce you Project management and solve your problems.




          Since the start of sales of levitation fans in 2003, more than 2,000 air levitation and magnetic levitation fans have been sold



          Since the sale of screw fans in 2010, nearly 500 screw fans have been sold, including the 400,000-ton Shenyang Fairy River in China and the 600,000-ton Hengling project in Shenzhen.



          Since it was launched on the market in 2015, dozens of application cases have been obtained, and there is no project drainage overhaul, and customers have no worries



          Since the first sludge dewatering project in 2004, it has provided sludge dewatering services for more than 200 sewage plants for performance, and successfully developed fully automatic ultra-high pressure plate and frame dewatering machine technology to continue to help customers optimize operations



          Since 2010 began to provide sludge treatment and disposal technology for performance, it has successfully provided dozens of customers with "low operating cost" technical solutions and implementation projects. Action has changed reputation

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          Whether it is a comprehensive service project or a product portfolio. We have also established a partner service network in different regions,
          you can not only feel the fast logistics service and excellent product quality,
          but also our intimate on-site after-sales service. Everything is as you need.
          Our more than 20 sales and service centers nationwide make this possible.
          In addition, we also assure you of fast spare parts supply and efficient service coordination from our experienced after-sales service engineers.
          All this will go with your device.

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